About Us

Pressure testing apparatus!

We are a national hydraulic repair and exchange company specializing in serving the west coast. Our specialty is the repair and exchange of street sweeper gutter broom motors. These same motors come in many options and are also used for the elevator and rear broom.  These motors are also used on zero turn lawn mowers.  We have been in the repair business since the mid 1980's where we worked on the big Sundstrand pumps and motors that were found on cement trucks. When the construction hit a slow down, we relied on our street sweeper business. When we realized these motors were also used on zero turn lawn equipment we decided to concentrate on just the hydraulic broom/ wheel motors. With the high request and demand for zero turn pumps, we added that to our specialty. Core exchange is a very big part of our business. To keep cost down for the average small business owner, we rely on core exchange to keep our rebuilt exchange program stocked with variety of inventory. We do understand that aftermarket options can sometimes be cheaper, or only be the only choice. This is why we only use O.E seal kits and bearings during the rebuild process. We are so confident with our rebuilt motors that we offer a same as NEW WARRANTY for many motors we have available. Now that you know about us, lets hear from you.
*Standard repair procedures apply.